A. People from different religions and beliefs meet every four years in different parts of the world. It is a buffet feast to feed the hunger of the soul. There are those who give talks and those who listen. When it is not your allocated time to talk, you may choose to listen to the other speakers. It is always a good place to pick up one-liners to improve your craft. In the end, the whole purpose is to see that truth is one. While there, we may enjoy sampling many of the flavors available to nourish us while finding that universal truth. Though it is fun being around like-minded people, the problem is that those who come are already open-minded. Not much is required for them to be united. Unfortunately, the religious extremists, who really need to come, do not show up. I hope good and positive vibrations are sent out to the world as differences between the peoples are increasing. Innocent people are being killed because of their religious beliefs. This year, the Parliament is being held in Toronto, November 1-7. In addition to having good food for my soul, I hope they also have good food for my physical body. — Satish Daryanani

swami vivekananda at the Parliament of World Religions