A. It is out of respect, humility, and gratitude—to seek the grace and wisdom of the other person. Your head, being the body’s North Pole, is trying to gain the magnetism of the South Pole, from the feet of the other person. Some people take blessings and then squeeze their way in to get another, thinking the first one did not work. In martial arts, we bow down to our opponents before we fight. The smaller your ego becomes, the more you can gain from others. One day, you might be able to bow down and touch your own feet. The lower self seeks the blessings of the Divine Self within you. If someone seeks your blessings, be aware of the divine grace passing through you so they can benefit. You are not giving the blessings, only being God’s instrument. Seek blessings from others so that you can, one day, seek blessings from the Lord sleeping within you. — Satish Daryanani

Bowing down at a Master's feet