A. The real purpose is that I am bored. So, to entertain myself, I write these thoughts every morning. The deeper purpose is to see that every one of us deals with someone, or something, that has an impact in our lives. All those who do not face any obstacles are enjoying themselves in the graveyard. Until we are fortunate enough to join that group, we have to deal with all that comes in our lives. There is no escape. These thoughts cannot change even one situation, all they can do is to make you see things from a different perspective. The more you contemplate these thoughts, the more grows your understanding of the truth. Then, instead of being consumed by your daily situations, you look forward to new challenges—as you want to test your newly found inner strength. One day, when you really get it, you will laugh at how these dreams you faced daily, affected you. Then, you too will be sending thoughts to help everyone enjoy the gift of gifts: This perfect human birth, given to each one us. — Satish Daryanani

Rays of sunlight through a hand mudra.