A. Dumb is the person who keeps forgetting, the one who keeps repeating the same mistake again and again. It is okay to make new mistakes and learn from them. There are those who are very smart in one or two aspects of their lives, but lack street smarts in daily matters. They do not learn. So for them, God gave a smartphone, with which you can take pictures, make notes, create reminders, and set alarms so as to be on time. It is not whether you are born with intelligence. It is the effort you put in to use what is given to you that matters. Forgetting the deals you agreed upon will hurt your business and your career. Those who have this weakness need to spend more time in silence, not to see God, but to build focus and mental capacity. Only when you work on the worldly things with your mind will you be able to grasp all that is within you. — Satish Daryanani

Barbells lifted above head