A. To be unique is to be unlike anyone else. Those who are unique have just one complaint. There is so much to learn, discover, and do that there is not enough time. Even to complain of anything, takes away their precious time. They are not here to compare or judge, but to grasp as much as possible. They are not bound by social structures. They are fascinated by everything around them. Even the so-called duties of the world that have to be performed, occur in the background. Imagine the mindset of God: What made Him create everything? What must He have been thinking when He made this or that? What a crazy mood must He have been in when He made this unique one? Unique means the world thinks that the screws in your head are loose. Many unique souls have been killed because of that and many unique people have helped make changes in this world.  Mahatma Gandhi did not accept that he was not allowed to sit in his seat, after purchasing a first class ticket. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery. Being unique is not easy. But, if you are blessed and fortunate, then this world becomes a paradise. Thoughts of depression and suicide do not occur. You are already in heaven. All you can do is pray that everyone can enjoy life as do you.—Satish Daryanani

A unique standout