A. In my case, the smile of my spiritual Master, or the Lord makes my heart skip. For others, it could be seeing or being with their children or their loved ones. Each one has something that makes their heart skip a beat. There will come a time when it will be the silence within, and not because of anyone or anything, but just knowing how fortunate you are that you are able you enjoy that peace. All the struggles of humanity can go away, if people could do that. The heart skips with the reverence of knowing I am well taken care of. All that is happening and will happen is perfect. Then, where you live, the work you do becomes your dream place and dream job. No regrets, no longing. Monday is perfect, and Saturday is perfect. Working is perfect, retirement is perfect. Success is perfect, and the so-called failure is perfect. Being aware of this perfection will keep your heart permanently skipping a beat. — Satish Daryanani

neon heart beat