A. Every breath we take is taken to please ourselves. Everyone does different things to constantly please the mind. Some even enjoy pain as a form of pleasure. Even the so-called good deeds are done to please. Someone might adopt children and take care of them; still, it is for pleasing themselves. Those who want to please God do so because even that is to please themselves. Each one of us is different, so each method of pleasing ourselves varies. There are infinite ways to even please God. Just the thought of trying to please God will please Him. He is easy to please because of the love He has for us. Speaking the truth, selfless service, spreading the teachings are some examples. The lesson is that we are not here to judge how people please themselves. Some may paint their walls white, others may paint it pitch-black. Enjoy the show of how each one does different things on this journey of life to find the never-ending ways of pleasing oneself. — Satish Daryanani

Young child eating ice cream cone