A. When your mobile phone’s battery is low, you look for the charger and charge the phone. The charger is connected to a socket that lets the electric current pass through. We need to find those people who are always connected to the Divine source. We call them sages and saints. The Divine energy is the same in all. Sometimes, due to lack of faith or understanding or difficulties in our lives, our awareness of the divinity diminishes. Our lives become a struggle at this time. We even start questioning the existence of God. So, how to find these portable chargers? Look for those who do not complain, those who are contented and peaceful. They will have a permanent smile on their faces and have a good sense of humor. They see the Divine current in everything. These are the instruments of the Lord, who will recharge our divinity if we cannot find it on our own. Pray, and guidance will come. You, too, will be recharged and be able to help those batteries that are in the red with one percent charge left. — Satish Daryanani

Recharging phone in hand.