A. That question was asked of me many years ago by a person who was going through a very difficult time. I told him to rephrase the question and ask, “Where is not Jesus Christ?“ And he would get the answer. We lose faith and wonder if there is anyone out there who even cares about what we are going through. People say that, if they get to see God, they will ask Him a list of questions. If you ever see God, there will be no more questions. Fortunate is the person who gets connected with the Lord. He or she will see nothing but the Lord in every one and every thing. When you are such a person, you will have attained God realization. You become an ocean of love by seeing the Lord in every one. It is the easiest state to reach. All you have to do, first, is suee now the Lord within you. I am stuck on words in attaining that, as it cannot be put into words. It just happens. — Satish Daryanani

Light rays and golden hearts