A. Those who are paying a mortgage think that the place is their home. Others who have summer and winter homes are confused as to which one is their real home. Your true home is not limited by doors, windows, and walls. You do not need to buy insurance, pay property tax, maintenance, and do any repairs. It is given to you debt free. The physical address in which you now reside is where your mail and Amazon packages can be delivered. Your true home lights up not with electricity but with the current of love. This is your permanent home. You do not have to leave it in your will. Those who are able to find this home while they are alive do not seek heaven. If an earthquake, fire, or flood destroys their physical address they are unaffected. Our longing should be to find our real home—and not try to buy a penthouse in Manhattan. We have all come from the same home and one day we will all return. While here, the fortunate ones are still connected with their origin. I pray and hope that all of you get to experience your real home. — Satish Daryanani

Miami aerial view