A. In my case, it was on July 25, 2010, Guru Purnima Day, the day of the Master. I was not allowed to meet the Master, as I was told that I was an outsider and could not see Him. I left, heartbroken, and drove away really fast for 7 hours, not worrying about speeding tickets. I reached a meditation location in the late evening, but the place was closed. Fortunately, I had a key. That day, my life changed completely. I had the physical key and the key of grace to be free from everything. That day, I promised myself that nothing would ever affect me from the outside. I dug deep and realized everything is within me. Even the separation from the physical presence of the Master can never affect me. This world has hurt me enough, I am fed up, and now completely free. From this moment, the Master, the Lord, and all that I need is already within me. Why am I running after everything from outside? Honestly, July 25, 2010, should be my birthday. This is the meaning of being reborn. Thank you for making me an outsider, so I could become an insider. — Satish Daryanani

Man in a primitive thatched hut having his best day