A. What we imagine as deep, permanent inner peace and what we actually experience are poles apart. If we could imagine that state, we would not have to go through the process required to be in it permanently. We are already at that state, but not aware. Some of us get glimpses of peace. It’s like watching the trailer of a movie, not the whole movie. Rather than making the effort to be aware of this state permanently, our limited minds use our imagination. The second imagination is how much God loves us. In our lives, the greatest love that is experienced is a mother’s love. Based on that experience, we think God’s love is similar or slightly greater. Mother’s love still has a mix of attachments. When you really gets God’s love, it will shatter your imagination. It can never be expressed. Your whole life will change. There will be no desires left in you. Chit-Shanti (permanent deep inner peace) and God’s love, together, will replace all your imaginations. You will be living only with these two experiences. Nothing else will matter. To entertain yourself, keep imagining different things, though you are full and complete. Therefore, do not limit these two experiences with your imagination. Go and get the experience. Then this vacation of human experience is complete.— Satish Daryanani

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