A. It is God. Most people have not seen Him or determined His form, understood the way He works, or thinks, or even be able to communicate with Him. Some believe He does not exist. Some say He is She. Our limited minds cannot understand the function of the infinite. So many disagreements take place in the name of the One. He gets our love and hatred. People even fear Him. What to do with this abstract person, who is also our savior? We cannot run away from Him, as He is everywhere. He has been given more names and forms, yet there is only one of Him. We cannot escape Him even when we die. We are stuck with Him. There is only one solution. Build such a relationship with Him without knowing Him. Have blind faith that He knows more than you. Slowly, He will unfold all that you need to know. When you really get it you can write about it. If you try to talk about Him you will be misunderstood. All you can tell others is that He is your best friend. — Satish Daryanani

SIlhouetted man facing the illuminated Infinite sky