A. My favorite actor is Ben Kingsley. He played the part of Mahatma Gandhi and won an Oscar for his role. In a new movie, he plays the part of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi officer, and might be nominated for that. Playing Gandhi he was shot, playing Adolf he got hung. Gandhi brought tears of love, Adolf brought tears of joy. Both were alive in the same era. One saved a nation, the other was responsible for taking 6 million lives. One brought out the best, and the other brought out the worst of what a human being can do. In both cases, the actor was the same. In both these characters, the spirit was the same. If you can see that in everyone, then neither Gandhi nor Adolf will affect you. We all have to play our parts. Be a tough general during the day, where everyone obeys your command. In the evening, come home and play the part of a mouse next to your wife. Bringing out the best and the worst emotions from the people around you, depending on your role, makes you the best actor in my books. — Satish Daryanani

Photo by Timothy Shields of a sculpture of lion and lamb

Photo by Timothy Shields (CC)