A. Many times this question is asked, “I met so and so, and is this person the right one for me?” Or we hear, “I am still looking for the right person with whom to spend the rest of my life.” Ask yourself this question: “Can I sacrifice everything for that person without ever getting anything in return—not love, a smile, or even a thank you?” When you are willing to do that, then that person is perfect for you. When we expect things in return from our so-called soulmate, it becomes a business deal. You give and get so that you can have a companion on this journey of life. Your true soulmate should be the Lord. In this relationship, He only gives, and you do not have to love, smile, or even thank Him. There is no divorce and you do not have to buy any gifts. You get to keep 100 percent of what you have and He still gives more. So, make the Lord your soulmate, and find a companion in life so you will not get bored. — Satish Daryanani

silhouettes of soulmates sitting on a seashore