A. God. Let us see the list of what happened while He was in charge: Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia;, Donald Trump won; overpopulation; global warming; poverty; sickness; the suffering of so many people; death of loved ones before their time; no cure for cancer; continuous wars in the history of human beings; human trafficking of young children; racism and fighting among religions. If God was running for re-election, He would lose. There is no competition, so we are stuck with Him. That is why the religion that is growing most in the world is Atheism. We, with our finite minds, are trying to understand the infinite. People say, if they could meet God, they would ask Him a lot of questions. When you do meet God, there will be no questions. You will melt into Him. So, God gets a lot of both, thanks and blame from everyone. Luckily, He is not affected by our reactions. All you need to know is that He is too wise to make a mistake and too loving to punish. — Satish Daryanani

Sinking cruise liner