A. Many people buy lottery tickets hoping they will win big and their lives will change. Unfortunately, only a handful win the big ones. Most people who do not win, feel they are not lucky. Yet, if a situation occurs and they are about to lose their lives and, miraculously, they are saved, they then realize how lucky they are. They have won the biggest lottery—not losing their lives. When we see the miracles of God—our good health, life itself, our loved ones, our limbs, our eyesight, our ability to hear and talk, we will not care if we win or lose with the lottery ticket. The one who understands the good luck given by God has already won the jackpot. You can still buy lottery tickets for fun, if you want, but inside, you know that you have already won the big one—the inner peace that comes from realizing the miracles from God. — Satish Daryanani

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