A. When I was around my Spiritual Masters, I felt very possessive of them. I wanted to monopolize their time and affection. If they did not bless me with their continue gazes and smiles, I would get depressed. I would wonder if I had thought or said something wrong, for which I was being punished. Then, one day, I realized, “What must I have done for them to bestow their love and grace on me!” It was not that I deserved it or was being punished. It came only out of their kindness. It was for me to learn that they are the Masters and that I could not possess them. I see many parents being possessive of their children, trying to control them, even if they are adults and have themselves become parents. We become attached to our kids and judge them on our own terms. If God, himself, appeared, all His devotees would try to possess Him. Some people are also possessive of their religions and their beliefs. Accordingly, those who do not follow their path will end up in hell. The ones who are possessive already live in hell. They live with continued hurt and pain when the ones whom they posses go against their will. Be free and don’t bind yourself with someone or something. True love for someone comes from letting go. Let them be free from you. — Satish Daryanani

Mother-daughter argueing