A. Most serious people should be in a hospital. They say, “This patient is serious.” On the other hand, those who have a good sense of humor may be admitted to a hospital only to trouble the nurses and entertainment them. In life, take light things seriously and serious things lightly. Even religion and spirituality are taken seriously. God has enough people who pray to and worship Him. He looks for those who want nothing from Him, who just want to entertain Him. Your parents have an effect on you. Very strict and serious parents influence their children, trying to live their lives vicariously through them. Even sports, which is for fun, is made serious by the parents. You are made to become a doctor, a professional athlete, losing the joy of your childhood. You will never discover God by being serious. He is sleeping within all of us, so play with His beard, tickle His feet, tell Him a joke. That just might wake Him up. Then, no one can call you a sleeping soul. True awakening is that simple. We all are the products of our parents having had a lot of fun. When there is joy in your life, how can God stay away from you? — Satish Daryanani

illustration of two serious and silly gentlemen