A. We are unable to remember our past lives because we are not able to forgive all those who have affected us in this life alone. We are unable to recover from the guilt of what we have done in this life. We are still saddened by the loss in this lifetime of many loved ones. We are not even able to scratch the surface of our desires in this lifetime alone. So, thank God we have amnesia when it comes to our past lives. Imagine if we also lived with the fear of future lives. If you think this is your only life, then do not waste time. Make the most of it. Those realized souls who know the truth understand that, once the gift of life is given, it cannot be taken back. They do not live in the guilt of yesterday, nor do they have the fear of tomorrow. They live in the moment. For them, life and death are like going from one day to another in this endless journey called life. Each day, or birth, has the same purpose: to learn and serve. They live with the gratitude for the gift of life, gratitude that cannot be taken from them. Each birth, or day, is a gift to be enjoyed. Each birth, or day, is to be made into heaven or hell. So, if we cannot remember our past lives and definitely have no control over our future lives, can we enjoy this present life by living in the moment? While reading this thought, it is all that should matter. Enjoy this moment. — Satish Daryanani

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