A. My parents are no longer with me in their physical forms. We argue with our parents because we do not understand their love and attachment to us. We may not have to agree with them, but we should look at things from their points of view. One day, you will be fortunate to experience grace, love, blessings, protection, and guidance from your parents, the spiritual Masters, and the Lord all the time. This wealth, if you get it, will put you in Forbes’ list of wealthiest people. Parents do not even seek your love in return, nor your obedience. They just give out of love for their children. When the parents and Masters are no longer physically with you, then you will realize you argued for nothing. Many times, you will tell yourself, “I wish I had listened to them.” So, to not have regrets later on, make this change in your life now. — Satish Daryanani

Child arguing with mother