A. On our phones, we have a feature that lets us block callers. If we do not want to communicate with someone, we can use this feature. When people do not want to get hurt, they tend to block out the world. They are insecure so they stay away from others. It takes a lot to win their trust. Maybe others have taken advantage of them and they do not wish to go through the painful experience again. It is not easy to convince them to forgive and let people back in their lives. They prefer being left alone. If they choose to be left alone for their spiritual evolution, that is different. One comes from your choice and the other comes from the world choosing it for you. Living an isolated life does not help you in developing your inner capabilities. The more people hurt you, take advantage of you, betray your trust, and insult you, the more you grow in spirituality. See all these tests as a blessing. To see God in God is easy. To see God in all those who test you is real devotion. Block all the junk calls trying to sell you things you do not need. Accept the calls that push you so hard that you may lose faith in God. So go ahead and answer the calls from your mother-in-law first. Others can follow. — Satish Daryanani

blocked calls illustration