A. We are all married to each other in spirit. Yet people may have a ceremony. They end up with a marriage certificate from the court and so can claim a tax deduction. Even if they file for a divorce, it is not possible to break up. Spiritual marriage to each other is permanent. People end up paying lawyers for no reason, thinking they have broken up. It is only the changing mind that thinks it is changing relationships. We are all one. That cannot change, we have to keep this in our minds. So, should people not get married? You can marry so your parents will stop bothering you. Also, it is good for the diamond business that people marry. Marriages are good for the economy. But know that your marriage was already made in heaven. Earthly marriages only renew your vows. Remember, no one is single in the world. We are all suffering being married from birth. Married people, do not be jealous of your single friends. We are all in the same boat. Even death cannot free us from our marriages. Get used to being married to one another and make the most of it. — Satish Daryanani

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