A. We get confused between what is right and wrong. We are confused between our austerities, duties and service. We are confused between what to eat, what to wear, where to go on vacation, when to retire, and so on. We are confused with what is real and unreal. This confusion ends up consuming our lives. How can we get out of it? Ask yourself this simple questions, “Who is getting confused, and who is the one that knows he is getting confused?” If you just ponder on this, most of the confusion will be cleared. My mind is confused, I am not the mind that is messed up. The real you is enjoying this confusion of the mind. It’s like watching a child who does not know which toy to play with. Even in spirituality you will get confused. On one side, there is the law of Karma. On the other, if there is no doer then there is no doer-ship. Confusion is good, it will make you fed up. One day you will give up and just accept the teachings of the saints and sages. That wisdom, when realized, will set you free from all confusion. — Satish Daryanani

maze in the letters of life