A. Dogs give unconditional love and are good companions. People who are blind can use dogs to guide them. I am a vegetarian and love animals, but what I am going to say may be misunderstood. Our families and friends do not give us unconditional love as a dog can. We can ignore our dogs when we are busy and expect them to love us when we have free time for them. They require low maintenance and, in return, we get so much love and companionship. To get the same from people is hard. Even after your full effort, there is no guarantee that a person will give us love as a dog can. Now, those who have experienced God’s love and have truly made Him their best friend, do not require a dog. They are bathing every moment in the Lord’s love for them. It requires even less maintenance than a dog. Whenever you want to be aware of His love you can. You do not have to feed Him, take Him for a walk, or even love Him back. Just use Him as you need. His love and friendship are at your beck and call. Relationships with dogs last approximately 14 years. Your relationship with the Lord will be eternal. Just reverse DOG to GOD, like in a mirror. Then, there is no need to go to the veterinary for your best friend. — Satish Daryanani

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