A. People are not in search of the truth, they only search for peace and happiness. When they get it, they are satisfied and they settle there. Peace and happiness can be felt and experienced. All of creation wants happiness. So spirituality gives us what we are seeking. Truth has no words. It is only an understanding. As we are the slaves of our intellect, we will not want truth. It will make no sense to the intellect. Those who sit in silence and meditate enjoy peace from the thoughtless state, which makes the mind happy. It is only a handful who go to very end and realize the absolute truth. You cannot even encourage anyone on this path, as there is nothing to say. It just is. There are many simple explanations. You are not that which is known, you are the Knower. You are neither the illusion nor the experiencer of the illusion. Truth is much more than that. It is very hard to explain. All you can do is try. So, please do not be satisfied with peace and happiness, go and find the real you that does not exist. — Satish Daryanani

Young man gazing at a volitive candle