A. People want free food, free clothes, free jewelry, free airline mileage, interest-free loans, and so on. They do not realize that there is a very big calculator keeping track of all our debts and credits. Even if people have taken advantage of you, or if you might have given a lot out of your own free will, do not keep track of it. Keep an eye only on the debt score going higher. The credit column is not your concern. Do not say, “I have given so much in my life,” just so you can justify getting something for free. Even if I am late in a payment with a supplier, I plead with them to charge me interest. They are my friends and so do not want to charge. I, then, pay them in advance in the next deal to average out my internal accounts. All I have is an insatiable appetite to get free grace, free wisdom, free peace, and free love from the Lord. The worldly free stuff is not important. — Satish Daryanani

balance beam with one box outweighing six boxes