A. The Bahamas just won the 2018 award for being the best Caribbean destination. Due to this award, the island will attract more visitors. Businesses seek the award for being the best in their category so their clients will feel more confident in dealing with them. Trying to be the best is in our nature. Yet, we only seek awards that everyone can see. The Miss Universe pageant award is to show the world that you are the most beautiful person. However, no one seeks the award for being the dearest to the Lord. No one will find out; only the Lord knows the real beauty in your heart. Who can get the award of all awards? One who has equanimity. He enjoys whatever the Lord bestows upon him. His thoughts are blended with the teachings of the Lord. He is free from attachments and desires. He sees in everyone the image of the Lord. He brings a smile to people’s lives. His positive attitude uplifts others. In his heart, he does not seek anything for all that he does. Even if he wins the award from the Lord that he is dearest to the Lord, he will feel that he is not yet worthy of it. — Satish Daryanani

Ms Universe Pageant