A. We are all unique. No two persons can think alike. When we see or hear something, based on our experiences and intelligence, we end up judging and arriving at conclusions. When people meet, they end up debating as to which angle is right or wrong. Truly wise people do not get into debates. They see the world the way they want. Only when they are asked for their opinions, do they speak. Someone may like a particular movie, follow a particular Spiritual Master, political leader, or a special restaurant. Even if they are atheists and do not believe in God, it is their choice. Sometimes they may like or hate someone or something for a crazy reason. Please do not laugh, they may get insulted. Your spiritual examination comes when you are faced with these situations; all your austerities prepare you for these. This world of illusion is going to be seen from each one’s own point of view. Why do people debate with others as to what appears in their dreams? Your precious time and energy should not be wasted in changing people’s minds. Guide them only when they are ready, with open minds, to expand their horizons. Otherwise, enjoy the show of a blind person describing the elephant while touching only one part of the elephant. Until the blindfold of ignorance is removed, the world is seen from a very narrow point of view. — Satish Daryanani

illustration of elephant and six blind men