A. A lot of people do not believe there is God because they cannot see God with their own eyes. Until we experience something with our own senses, we do not believe they exist. Sometimes people deceive us and we then do not believe in their words until we actually see what they are talking about. Those who use their hearts to see do not wait for their senses. For example, can you see grace? You experience it and, based on that, know someone is giving it. The giver is sometimes called God. Those who keep their own words believe what people say. They may get deceived many times, still they have faith in people. Those who do not need proof for everything but believe in the existence of the Divine in everything, see life from a different angle. They may get hurt and deceived by the world, yet they see the good in everyone. They even trust in those people that lie and trust that one day, they just might come through. It is with this optimism that they live: That all is perfect, as everything is coming from the perfect One. — Satish Daryanani

Endless road