A. At a buffet, you will notice people overfill their plates. They waste a lot of food. When drinks are free, people often get drunk. If we have to pay for it, we order only what we need. What draws us to free stuff? Free stuff is enjoyed because we do not have to work for it. Our hard-earned money has value. Yet, no one wants the best things which are free. Peace is free. Wisdom is free. Grace is free. Yet no takers. The difference is we only want that which is concrete and not abstract. We want what we can see, touch, and taste and not what is experienced. Even though we can enjoy everything through our senses, we convert it to experience to enjoy it. We prefer the by-product of the experience rather than the pure experience itself. But the irony is that we all want money which can give no pleasure. It is what money can buy but not the money itself. In that case, the second-hand experience is fine. However, the direct experience of the true wealth no one wants. Who can understand human beings? I give up. — Satish Daryanani

Cartoon of a freeloader l