A. We hire financial planners, wedding planners, and mediators to solve our disputes, fortune tellers to tell us our future. We can do all this on our own. We have to put in study and effort. We need no others to do what we know we need to do for ourselves. We tend to underestimate our capabilities. Your finance is your concern. The wedding is yours, plan it the way you want it. Disputes can be resolved when you put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Your future is predetermined, all you have to work on is your reaction. Do not spoil the end of the movie of life by going to a fortune teller. Only you will know how you want things done. Others cannot read your mind. Start taking control of your life. Only use others if that is the last or only option. Start using the gifts you have. You can see your entire future. No planners are required. Instead of requiring a mediator, you will be able to help others in resolving their problems. Then, you will be giving professional help to others, taking their blessings as payment. — Satish Daryanani

Fortune tellers