A. A person gets fired from a job, and he wants to show everyone that he has got a better job and is doing better than them. We live for what others think of our accomplishments and success. Even the way we look is for others. Society is our God today. Everything is based on the approval of society and social media, like Facebook or Instagram. What about what God thinks of us? Our identities are lost in trying to fit in. Even when big weddings take place, we keep track of who was invited. Belonging to the elite social circle becomes our goal. Who is watching? What do they think of us? Who knows us? These worries become our lives. Does God know you? Are you in His inner circle? Do the Spiritual Masters miss you when you are not around? Above all, are your parents and family members proud to be related to you for what you have become? Have you become that person where your existence becomes a light for everyone who comes into contact with you? — Satish Daryanani

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