A. We lose many opportunities due to over-thinking. We feel fear and walk away. Even if things come on a platter, we do not accept what comes. We wonder, “It is too good to be true. What is the catch?” Even if realization comes, we may lose the opportunity to grasp it, thinking it is a hallucination. Opportunities appear sometimes in the hurdles through which we may be passing. We might end up changing our businesses, careers, or the towns in which we live and, later, find great opportunities come from making the move. When you are young and have good health, do not waste the opportunity to see the world. Anytime, seize the opportunity to see God and then have fun with His creation. The opportunity to be around realized souls should never be lost. Also, never lose the opportunity to flirt and make pretty women laugh. — Satish Daryanani

person standing before 3 doors