A. We believe that God tests those who have faith in Him, those who are close to Him and love Him. We see so many undeserving people getting away scot-free. It seems like God has forgotten us. It may be that the more we think of the Lord, the more challenges we face. The reason is that time is spent on those who have potential. God has not given up on us. His grace also comes in the form of tests, which are for our growth. Imagine if you ran an obstacle race: Would you still win the trophy if you went around all the hurdles and finished first? We have to jump over each and every hurdle to win the biggest trophy—the prize of being free from God’s tests. You will graduate. So, the physical, mental, financial, and family-members tests are His way of showing His love for you. You might pray to God, “Please do not shower so much of Your love on me. I am overwhelmed by Your love in the form of these tests. Still, the more I want to get closer to You, the more I will be tested by You.” It is up to you. If you want a soft comfortable life without tests, you will remain in the same classroom. If you want to graduate, then welcome the tests as examination papers. — Satish Daryanani

Graduates tossing the caps in the air