A. There was a person who came to the spiritual Master seeking his blessings to become a Jeevanmukta (a liberated soul—one who is from the world but not of the world). The Master blessed him. He, also, wanted to enjoy the same nectar the Master enjoys from His silence. The Master blessed him. Some time passed and I asked him, “Did the blessings work?” He said he is still struggling and is not able to control the mind. I asked the Master, “Are your blessings not effective, or is it the lack of faith of the one receiving it?” The Master smiled and replied, “More important than grace or faith is that the person who asks for something really wants it.” You must want it more than air itself. Then even grace is not required. When you do get it, tell the world it happened due to grace, so as not to develop the ego. Take the world like a pot of hot water—if you need grace, or permission to drop it, then it is not hot enough. When the world gets to you and the pot of water is so hot, you will just drop it—that is the real want. Only then can you become a Jeevanmukta. — Satish Daryanani

Hot pot illustration