A. When we say or do something wrong, we feel guilty. It disturbs our minds. We may even lose sleep over it. If we keep on repeating our actions we can reach a stage where there will be no guilt. We can even justify our actions. Our minds are that strong. It can remove all the guilt eventually. That guilt is our friend. It guides us to not do something. Those who have chosen the spiritual path have to pay a heavy price. This guilt becomes a pain in the butt. If you go slightly off track it ruins your day. Even if you sit in silence your mind is disturbed. The price of guilt is high. So you would rather give up the situation that causes the guilt and go back to the peace and joy which you lost. Even to give up financial profits if there is guilt in your actions. It is your choice; to either become the slave of guilt and give up the situations that give you temporary pleasure, or tell yourself, “Life is short, let me enjoy.” So, choose guilt as a big stick from God to keep yourself in check. Or become stronger and overcome the pain of guilt. — Satish Daryanani

devil and angel illustration