A. When I was in school, my teachers used to send notes with remarks for my parents to sign, “Your son is very talkative.” As I now grow older, I am finding it easier to keep silent and to be less talkative. When it comes to the topic of spirituality, or of the lives of my spiritual Masters, I have an insatiable appetite to talk. When I told this to my Master, he laughed and said, “Talking about the teachings is not considered as talking. All the other words that we speak are unnecessary.” When we talk, we get sidetracked. Others automatically join into the conversation. We, then, judge and can come up with false conclusions. We end up arguing unnecessarily about things when we talk. Thank God for texting. It has become easy to communicate. Today, while I was sitting in silence at the beach, I realized that the Masters have so much wisdom that comes from within. Their lives, their talks, the books and poems they have written, are equivalent of one grain of sand compared with all that they have experienced. I think true humility comes when you realize the deficiency in your linguistic skills. What comes to you from within is of far greater value than anything we hear or read. Until we enjoy the value of silence, talking will be our best option, but—least for a movie lover like me, please do not talk during the movies. Any other time it is fine. — Satish Daryanani

Strict teacher wagging finger