A. We all want to be popular. People keep track of their Instagram followers. They want to see how many thumbs up they get on their Facebook page. Even the secretaries of the spiritual Masters want to see how many came for their talks. They are after the quantity of people, not the quality. How many truly benefited from the talk or the retreat that they attended? Even the secretary, did he get self-realization by being with the Master? The popularity of the Master is more important than the teachings. They even try to make Jesus Christ popular. There are 2 billion Christians. Yes, but how many truly practice the teachings of Christ in their lives? Being popular is only to boost your ego, that you are something or someone of value. Work on being popular with the Lord. His approval is all that matters. Does He give me the 👍🏽? If I have Him in my life completely, then all this superficial popularity is of no value to me. — Satish Daryanani

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