A. Today, the United States is divided into blue and red states. The country is broken up into political beliefs. Islam is broken into different sections. People argue, debate, and even get into physical fights because of the differences in their opinions. Some people say climate change is caused by man, while others do not believe that. Even with these thoughts, there are some who may agree and others who may not. I was with my spiritual Master and a close disciple asked a question. The Master’s answer did not satisfy him. Later, when I was alone with him, I elaborated on it. There was no difference. I learned my lesson that day. Once someone’s mind is made up, even the truth cannot help him. If someone wants more of an explanation of my thoughts, I will most gladly expand on them, but I will not get into a debate to try to change their mind. Each political party or religious group has positive things from which we can learn. Even if someone believes that there is no God, lovingly try to explain, but do not force your will upon them. — Satish Daryanani

people near a border wall