A. I hear complaints that there is so much competition in business that it has become hard to sell and make a profit. First, realize that life is a sport. Everything that you do is a game. Play each game well. Don’t worry about competing, just play your part. Don’t always look to win. Constant winning with no competition and not losing is boring. Learn to enjoy the wins and losses in life, as long as you do not lose your mind. Getting stressed because of competition means you have lost before even starting. In today’s world, even parents get involved in their children’s wins and losses. They have taken the fun out of just playing. Their children grow up thinking winning is everything and then they suffer when they lose. According to God, the Creator, this world was for His play, His fun. If he is enjoying watching us play, then why are we suffering? It is because we only give value to competition and winning. Treat competition as a way to improve. Use this to become better at your craft. Know that there is always someone better and worse than you. Enjoy this game knowing that you want to win. Do the best you can. Know that He is laughing at your reactions to the so-called losses. — Satish Daryanani

women in a race