A. How about a third option, both business and pleasure? When I was younger, I used to leave the warm Caribbean islands and go to frigid Detroit in the month of January for business. Even that was for business and pleasure. There were certain foods I could only get there. I got to meet nice people with whom I worked; they were more friends than business associates. Today, I am flying to the Bahamas. It’s easy to add pleasure as you can have a nice, chilled pîna colada on the beach, or have a Bahama mama in a restaurant. I can meet friends and do my job. The word pleasure should be in everything. In your duties, service, spirituality, exercise, as well as entertainment. Even at a funeral, I have the pleasure of watching my friend being free from his wife permanently. Even a split second that does not have pleasure in it is wasted. Waiting in a long line at Starbucks for coffee is a pleasure because I know what I am going to enjoy. So, immigration and customs forms worldwide should have the third option — both business and pleasure. — Satish Daryanani

Beach cabana seen near laptop on desk.