A. There are those who believe that Jesus Christ will come back. How can he come back, when he never left? Those who love their spiritual Masters also wish they would return from the dead. If these wonderful souls came back in the same form they left, they would be surrounded by the media, scientists, politicians, and powerful people. Scientists would check their DNA and conduct tests on them. An average person would not have access to them. You would only be able to see them on television. Instead, build a relationship with them, knowing they are always there to bless, guide, and love you. Then, they are always with you, one on one. You do not have to share them with anyone. These great souls leave their bodies when their time is up. They leave you if you think they are no longer with you. Let others wait for them to come again while you continue to have fun with them. — Satish Daryanani

light shining on green hills