A. If people lived with perfect righteousness, wisdom, truth, and justice there would be world peace. Since we do not rise to this level, politicians who are in charge of the administration will continue to take advantage. Their selfishness and greed will supersede the feelings and sufferings of millions. They will even embark on wars to hold on to their power. Remember: World peace starts with you. Your reflection of inner peace can be the beginning of world peace. Most people lose hope and so they do not do anything. The rich and powerful control everything. Yes, they do, but they do not control you. World peace is in your control. It is your state of mind, and not what politicians control. So start small. Contribute to peace at home and work, peace in your community, peace in your town, and your city. Even if nothing changes in your lifetime, at least you will have changed. Politicians are created in order for me to watch all the jokes about them on television and in other media. In my world, there is nothing but peace. — Satish Daryanani

Trump walking into Airforce One with toilet paper stuck on his shoe.