A country’s quality of life is rated based on the safety, health, and prosperity of its citizens. Yesterday, I was listening to two people discuss the quality of their lives. Not once did they mention having free time. There was no discussion on the benefits of silence or peace. God did not exist in their conversation. Yet, they were talking about the quality of life. I think it was more about the quantity in life, the more possessions we have, how many people know us and follow us on Instagram, how much temporary happiness we enjoy, and to how many restaurants did we go. Quality is not about how much we have, it is about how much we can enjoy with what we have. Developed countries get a higher ranking on the quality of life, as their citizens can enjoy all the benefits for free. Yet, there is more loneliness and depression in their lives. Real quality is on an individual basis, not national. Quality comes from living a balanced life, not by complaining about the lack of opportunities but, instead, by maximizing what is around you. Quality starts when God is real in your life and not just a picture on the wall. Peace is experienced when you are not working to attain it. When I was a young boy, I used to love the Quality brand ice-cream. The way to enjoy ice-cream and all aspects of life is the same. Then you attain real quality of life. — Satish Daryanani

blond boy eating ice cream cone