Years ago you had an abortion. At that time, you didn’t know the outcome of it and you made a mistake. So, gone is gone, like spilled milk. What would you do by brooding over it? There is no point in brooding. We all make mistakes, there is no benefit in brooding over the past mistake. Keep the lesson, make sure you don’t do it again. And, a consolation, maybe that child, whatever was in your womb, finished its karma, doesn’t have to be born again and suffer in the world, so, it has ended its life, and you became the cause for it. So, what I say is, there is no worrying over it. It’s not going to help you or help the baby whom you aborted. Pray for the soul, wherever you are, be happy, and pray to God, “I have learned the lesson, I will never do it again.” Why abort? Give birth to the baby. If you can’t even carry it, you can’t support it, take care of the baby, give it to some good people, there are hundreds of organizations for that.

Who was a child like that? Karna, in the Pandavas. The mother of Karna gave birth to a baby even before wedding, before marriage. So she was afraid of what the world would say. She put the baby in a basket and went to leave it on the river. Who in the Bible also went through that, who was that? Moses. So if you have a baby like that, give it safely into someone’s hands, and who knows, he will become a Moses; he will become a Karna.

Don’t kill him. let nature take care of it. Because, when you can’t give life to anything or anybody, you have no business to take the life away for any reason. If you can’t give life, you can’t take life, for any reason. See how many millions of goats and chickens every day are being killed, just to satisfy your wish for flesh.  Don’t eat flesh to improve your flesh. So, again I would say, stop suffering, stop suffering. Keep the lesson, look for the future, a bright future. All make mistakes at one point, no doubt.

When you were a baby, you soiled the bed, wet the bed. Will you be brooding over it now? “Oh, mommy, I wet my bed, I wet my bed.” Would you be still thinking of it now? That is a baby’s life. Like that, when you make a mistake, you are babies in that respect. You made a mistake without knowing. Now we know. You can say, “OK, I will never do it again.” Every failure should be a stepping stone for your future success. So, don’t brood over past mistakes.

Swami Satchidananda

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