Yes, it is possible. It’s not time travel, it’s travel time. Time is traveling constantly. Minute by minute, second by second. If there is a great traveler, time is the great traveler, constantly traveling. One second to another second. I know what you are asking. You want to travel backward or forward?  Forget about the backward or forward. Live in this present time and you will have a happy journey. Don’t worry about the past; don’t dream about the future. Think of the golden present, this golden moment. A moment is also a fraction of time. Probably the best thing is the golden now, the eternal now.  Now is the time. Travel well. Then you have traveled well enough in that time.

Haven’t you heard the proverb, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” So, enjoy the golden now, now, now. Here and now, here and now. Now here. Nowhere to go.  Put the space correctly. Now here. No where. It all depends upon where you are going to move the “w.” Be careful. If you move the “w” this way, it is “now here.”  Move the “w” that way, “nowhere.” So, enjoy the golden now; even though it is possible to travel time. We do it, but not with the physical body. When you go and lie down to sleep you begin to travel in your dream. That’s time travel. Within a few minutes you have gone all over the world and come back in your dream. It’s real travelling. That’s in subtle time. Our physical time is different from the subtle time. You can travel that way also. But still, all those things are obstructions to your spiritual growth. You may be able to travel but that boosts your ego. It’s called a siddhi, an accomplishment. If it happens naturally without your will, let it happen. Don’t look for it. If that is the will of the Lord, let it happen. But you be in the golden now.

Swami Satchidananda

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