Yes, I get the vibration. “Why vibration do not come out in the laundry. Or do they?” The answer is, they do. They do. But you don’t feel it because you are not sensitive enough. Everything, the piece of paper has magnetism. There is an electric field in this. Why is it that it didn’t give me a shock? I am insensitive to the feelings and it’s very subtle. I am too gross. That’s what. Even to feel the vibrations. Micro‑milliamps cannot be measured with a regular meter, which is made to measure ten amps and more, or ten amps and more. You need a sensitive instrument to measure that Likewise, when your body becomes more sensitive you can feel the vibrations. That’s why when people really meditate well and they make their mind more peaceful. When I say “meditate, meditate,” not necessarily sitting and closing your eyes. Even in the midst of the work you meditate. That means keep the mind well balanced. When the mind gets more balanced, the senses become very subtle. You can even smell what is in New York kitchen. Oh yes. You can hear what is whispered in California. Your senses are that powerful. But they are all clouded with dense things. Refine them. Then they will bring out all the capacities. We can feel the vibrations. So everything has its vibration. Not only from the laundry.

Can you explain why vibrations do not come out in the laundry, or do they?

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