“Oh, talk a little. Okay, in one sentence: it is His name. “God or His name?” That means you assume that God has a body; a physical God has a name. In the story of Rama, it is proved that when Rama wanted to walk to Sri Lanka, he had to cross the ocean. He took an enormous amount of time and labor to build a bridge to cross to Lanka. Whereas, his devotee Hanuman, using Rama’s name, flew across. “Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram” and he flew. Rama wanted to try that, “Ram, Ram.” He couldn’t do that. That means Rama couldn’t cross the ocean; Rama’s name crossed the ocean.

That is the story. These days we aren’t satisfied with these stories; we want a scientific reason. As I said, earlier, this is a technological age, and we want a scientific explanation for that. True. Take the case of water.   By cooling it down, it becomes ice, is it not so? So, solid water, when you put it in a place, it remains there. It won’t move. When it becomes water, it moves a little. Heat up the water, and it becomes steam and it rises. Solid water sits on the ground; liquid water moves around on the same ground; and the vaporized water rises. The same stuff, water, in three different conditions: solidified, liquefied, and gasified.

Sound solidified is God; God liquefied is sound. So the sound has more energy.

It expresses more energy. Here in the body, the sound gets bottled up. The energy is locked up. You have to take a dozen pills to cure some problem, but instead of a dozen pills, you can take just a few homeopathic pills. Probably some of you know what the homeopathic pills are made of: one drop of essence poured into a thousand sugar pills. How much of the essence will be in each pill? One-thousandth of a drop. And then take that one-thousandth-of-a-drop pill, put it in water, shake it, and then put it in another 1000 sugar pills. How much essence will that sugar pill have? Probably one-millionth. And the homeopathic doctors say, the lesser the amount of medicine, the greater its power. If you take 6X, you need a dose daily for a week. If you take a higher potency, you may need only a single dose. That means less of the medicine. It is being practiced now.

What does it mean? It has been atomized. Anything that has been atomized has more power. That is what atom bombs are. So God’s name is atomized God. God, itself, as we assume, is physical. So, in our practice, instead of even looking at the picture of God, visualizing the God’s form, repeat God’s name. That is what we call mantra. The scriptures say that God has a mantra body. That means the mantra approaches God’s body in a sound way. Using the sound is a sound practice too. Don’t we say that, “Oh it is a sound practice.”  Ni yahnum japa yag ismi. Particularly in this age, the best yagna, or spiritual practice is japa or repeating the mantra. That is why almost every religion, directly or indirectly, has mantras to repeat. It is a very common practice:  OM, Amen, Ameen, OM Mani Padme Hum. Those are all different mantras.  So use any one mantra, doesn’t matter, but stick to one mantra. Keep repeating, and let the  mantra pervade your system. When you charge yourself with the mantra, you get the mantra sharira. And you can do wonders with that.

Just before I came, Prem gave me a Sharper Image catalog. In that catalog, I saw a big box. You go into the box and pump oxygen into it, and they say you can energize your own body to avoid most problems. That means you are oxygenating your body. A long time back, I read in the newspaper that a person who was poisoned all over the body was put in an oxygen chamber. Within 30 minutes, all of the poison got burnt out.  That is the reason why, even though you find it difficult to practice asanas, please do pranayama.

Breathing is the most important. Don’t forget to breathe. Yes, and beyond the breath is the mantra energy. Breathe your mantra. And know your breath also repeats a mantra. Do you know that? Your breath repeats a mantra. If you sit quietly and listen to your breath, you hear the mantra of the breath. When the breath goes in, it goes So-o-o and comes out Hummmm. So-o-o  Hum-m-m. Ajapa japa, it is called unrepeated repetition. It is because of that mantra, the breath mantra, that you are alive today. So even if you forget to do asana, don’t forget to breathe. Even if you forget to breathe, don’t forget your mantra. That will bring immense benefit, immense benefit. It makes you healthy, happy, young, good-looking. All energy, energy.

I wish you all that mantra energy. Let us all repeat the mantra now, and then after the mantra repetition, sit and listen to the mantra sound within your heart. Hari OM, Hari OM, Hari Hari Hari OM.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Date: May 20, 2000

Place: SAYVA

Swami Satchidananda

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