Answer: If you wish to attain God, then you must have the thought of God in the background of your consciousness all the time. You may do your your work with your hands but, in the back of your mind, you should be thinking of God. You can do this only if you love God!

A mother leaves her newborn on the cot and goes to the kitchen but her thoughts are always with the new born.

The saints said: With every breath you recite the Holy Name of God.

We were in Karachi, Sadhu Vaswani used to have satsang in the morning. In one of the satsang, Sadhu Vaswani said: In Gita, Lord says, “Think of Me and go fight!”

Arjun asked: “How can I do both these things at the same time?”

The satsang was over and I sat at Gurdev’s feet and asked him how is it possible? Gurdev smiled and did not answer. After a few hours he said, take me out and I want to see how people live.

I took out the car; I have a license. He spoke to me, and I gave the right answers. Gurdev asked me, “Did you get the answer?” I had forgotten my question. He said, “Right now, you are giving me the right answers to my questions and also driving the car. If you can do these two things together, then why can’t you think of God while doing your work?” This can be done with practice.

Dada J.P. Vaswani

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